Gray Point Thai Authentic Thai cuisine is a nice change if you’ve never tried it. Here at Gray Point Thai Restaurant in Sunnyside, New York, you will have an awesome experience when you eat some of our delightful cuisine for the first time. Our chefs select only the finest and freshest ingredients to create our meals. Our eclectic menu gives you wide choices of appetizers, soups and salads for starters. Vegetarian entrees feature eggplant, spicy tofu and mixed veggies flavored with subtle spices that will treat your taste buds. We also serve a variety of curry dishes with flavorful sauces and veggies. Try one of our sautéed, wok fried rice, noodle, fish, or duck entrees that are blended with fresh veggies and subtle spices and sauces for a real taste treat. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Use our online ordering system and take advantage of our excellent takeaway delivery service. Order Online